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It’s time to explore the real Italy

Often called ‘bel paese’ or beautiful country, the land of Dante, Michelangelo, da Vinci and Botticelli invites you to explore its many treasures. Art, history, culture and architectural wonders mingle effortlessly with daily life. Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country with museums, relics, castles and visual masterpieces dotting the length and breadth of this fascinating


Witness the splendor of a performance at the opera or be a part of world renowned classical musical festivals. Explore ancient ruins in the countryside, or walk the halls that display magnificent artistic creations in the cities. Unleash your artistic talents and visit a class held for jewelry designing, carving, framing or painting. Make friends with the Italians as they narrate the local history, or simply soak up the spectacular surroundings.


The nation’s treasures include wonders from ancient Rome, the Renaissance and glorious examples of more contemporary art forms. From the more famous destinations in Rome, Florence and Venice to the lesser known wonders like the Greek ruins in Syracuse and Paestum, Italy presents a canvas of artistic expression through the ages.