Mountain trails

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Dolomites, Alps and Appenines

Italy is mostly mountainous with ranges over 700 metres covering a third of the country. The lofty Alps, Dolomites and the Appenines offer numerous awe-inspiring vistas along with cosy resorts, hotels of various ratings, chalets, apartments, spas and ski-stations. Perfect for families or more active nature lovers, a holiday in the mountains guarantees fun and relaxation all through the year.

The Apennines, stretching from Liguria to Umbria, form Italy’s spine and offer some of the country’s best walks, along inviting paths that lead up through thick, majestic woodland of beech, oak and chestnut.

The traditional villages clustering on the lower slopes offer a warm welcome and fabulous regional cuisine of pasta, cured meats, fresh fish, chestnut bread, wild mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts. The Corno alle Scale Regional Park named after the area’s highest peak is rich in wildlife and flowers.

The Italian Alps are home to spectacular ruins, historic sites and scenery. Visit old trading towns and explore ancient castles or be a part of colorful parades and carnivals that showcase the area’s cultural heritage.

The beautiful Dolomites surround Trentino, an area with over 300 spectacular glacial lakes, surrounded by farmhouses, tiny villages, and onion-domed churches. The Dolomiti ski slope offers one of the largest ski areas in the world with state of the art facilities. In summer, colorful flowers carpet the lush meadows. You can unwind at spas nestled in the foothills and sample trans-Alpine
cuisine with famous hill wines.

The wonderful terrain, with a variety of trails, lakes and forests offers excellent opportunities for mountain-biking, snow-boarding, hiking, fishing, sailing, climbing, skiing or milder exploratory walks, ideal for both children and adults. A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and families, the incredible Italian mountains just beg to be explored.