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Why study in Tuscany?

Tuscany has a rich patrimony, offering unlimited assortments of flavoured experiences to suit any palate. It is not a place that you just “pass by and snap some pictures”, but it is a lifestyle that you have to explore with all your senses to relish its pleasures and be carried away by it magical flow. Tuscany has a big range of excellent universities that avail programmers in English for undergraduate/bachelor university studies, master programs and individual courses. 

The universities in Tuscany are also part of several international programs like Erasmus and many others, where the learning experience would take the international student outside the typical confinement of the four walls of a classroom.

Tuscany is a region in central Italy with a population of about 4 million inhabitants, where the well renowned Florence (Firenze) is its capital. It is a home to well preserved ancient cities like Siena, Pisa, Lucca, and of course Firenze, with all holding a culture that has been bursting with tales and enlightenment for centuries. Walking through Tuscan cities’ streets is like walking through an open-air museum. One of its many particularities is that story of its tenants that inhibit those historic buildings are themselves the merchants and artists who are at the forefront of its today’s fashion and art scene. 

You will meet the most expressive nation in the world. Proud of their legacy, they would take their time to guide you, and make you feel that you are never lost in their cities, giving you the feeling that they are always there for you. They offer you the opportunity to really live like an Italian. It is impossible to study and live in a Tuscan town without absorbing its bursting culture and infectious liveliness. If you immerse yourself, you will experience influences of art, expression, and develop a finer aptitude for observing life.

Spot on Toscana for students

You will leave Tuscany not only with a school/university diploma but also with a precious knowledge of the secrets and myths about the carvings of the walls of palazzo Vecchio, the silhouette of Dante and the statue of David and of course the porticos that are everywhere.

Italian professors are known to teach with passion and expression that is contagious. Who knows where this culturally rich experience could take you? Definitely enchanting adventures await you.

If you want an authentic Italian experience at one of the Tuscan universities, Spot on Toscana is here to help you settle and adapt to the new Italian student life, and to fully enjoy the experience just like the locals. A little reminder: Do not worry when an Italian speaks to you; just watch their body language and gestures. You will understand everything they tell you!

Once your Tuscan journey is over, you will only wish for one thing: To do it all over again!


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