About us

Our philosophy and how we operate

The Birth of Spot on Toscana

Born out of the passion and desire to showcase the lesser known beauty of a fascinating country, Spot on Toscana was developed to give visitors to Italy, an authentic experience with a taste of genuine Italian hospitality.

Founded by Naouel Chaoui, who has lived in Italy for many years, Spot on Toscana focuses on creating a holiday experience where you can interact with local people and understand the customs and habits that give Italy its unique flavour.

Naouel describes Italy as a symphony of down-to-earth charm, passionate energy, and un-beatable style. Through Spot On Toscana, she aims to share the wealth of her personal experiences, discoveries and friendships with every client.

Spot On Toscana Philosophy ‘Your trip, your way’ is our mantra, and the foundation of our company’s philosophy. We aim to discover your interests and preferences in order to design a holiday that will be truly your own.

Working closely with each individual client, we custom design each holiday to provide an unforgettable experience that caters to your budget and comfort.
We recommend destinations, activities, tours and excursions that have been personally tried and tested over the years, to give you a first-hand feel of the Italian culture and lifestyle. While sharing ideas that will help you make new friends and discover new places, we always keep in mind what you like best and let you choose your own pace.

How we operate

We consider each client to be a special friend and we provide a personalized service from the moment you contact us.

Our team will contact you to set up an initial meeting at your convenience to understand your needs and interests. After ensuring that we have all the details including length of stay, your tastes, number of people traveling, your preferences and budget, we design an initial customized proposal with our recommendations.

Following your feedback, the proposal is then edited and fine-tuned until you are completely satisfied. Your safety and comfort remains top of mind when we design your Italian holiday and we work on every little detail to ensure that your trip is enjoyable in every possible way.

Spot On Toscana covers every aspect for the duration of your stay including accommodation, excursions, dining, children’s camps, opera and cultural tours, and transport options.


Where we operate

Spot On Toscana operates throughout Italy.

Our packages cover trips to the sun-drenched Italian countryside, artistic cities that give a glimpse of the spectacular culture and history, dazzling coastal towns that offer chic nightlife, cosy ski stations nestled on snow-capped mountains, romantic resorts and natural spas. Ideal for single travellers, couples, families with children, young adults and corporate groups, we tailor make each holiday to give you exactly what you are looking for.