A holiday to Italy should be like the country itself; languidly beautiful, chaotically vibrant and classically romantic, with the freedom to set your own pace as you discover a way of life that has been shaped by over 3000 years of rich cultural heritage.

From the rugged Apennine Mountains, the beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea, Chianti’s olive groves and vineyards, to the artistic splendour of Florence – home to some of the world’s most recognizable Renaissance art and architecture – Tuscany is a dream holiday for everyone. Ancient, peaceful, magical.

 Spot on Toscana has been created so that you can discover Tuscany through the eyes of a non-Italian citizen, who for decades has been deeply immersed in this marvelous part of the world. Tuscany welcomed me, made me feel at home, and through the many friends I made, I was lucky to experience the hidden Tuscany that only local people know.

These are the gems and treasures that I would like to share, through Spot on Toscana. Those special little café’s tucked away where no tourist will find them. That one villa on the rolling vineyards that’s a little more special than any other. 

Naouel Chaoui

The quaint little bookshop that you can spent a morning in, sipping your coffee and browsing books. Picture postcard villages, off the beaten track. A walking tour through quaint little lanes through street art and pop-up galleries. There is so much more to Tuscany than what you see in guide-books!

 My passion for its beauty, its culture, its people, and its style of life prompted me to open a door to those who want to want to discover this haven in an experiential, authentic way.

Tuscany and its rich patrimoine needs to be savored according to what attracts you the most in its long list of charms. It is a not place that you just ‘pass by and take some instagrammable pictures’, it is a lifestyle that you have to imbibe, a beauty that you have to immerse yourself in and flow with its quiet serenity.

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Coastal Gateways

The spectacular Italian coastline is dotted with many beautiful resorts and beaches, ideal for experiencing great food, leisurely relaxation by the sea or a fun-filled active holiday.

Mountain Trails

Italy is mostly mountainous with ranges over 700 metres covering a third of the country. The lofty Alps, Dolomites and the Appenines offer numerous awe-inspiring vistas ...

Italian Countryside

The gently rolling countryside transports you to a land of sun-drenched meadows, winding roads, sleepy towns tucked between hills, river valleys, cypress trees and sunflower fields.

Art & Culture

Often called ‘bel paese’ or beautiful country, the land of Dante, Michelangelo, da Vinci and Botticelli invites you to explore its many treasures. Art, history, culture and architectural wonders mingle effortlessly with daily life.

Family adventures

A stunning landscape and the people’s friendly, exuberant spirit and love of life, make Italy a great destination for an active family adventure trip.

Study in Italy

Would you like discover Italy and Italian languages in the best Schools and Universities of the country?

Spotontoscana.com can help you to find the best apartment, loft or room.

Start your academic path in Tuscany, the cradle of Renaissance, an authentic, full-immersion experience in Italy.

Our Philosophy

Spot On Toscana Philosophy ‘Your trip, your way’ is our mantra, and the foundation of our company’s philosophy. We aim to discover your interests and preferences in order to design a holiday that will be truly your own.

Working closely with each individual client, we custom design each holiday to provide an unforgettable experience that caters to your budget and comfort.
We recommend destinations, activities, tours and excursions that have been personally tried and tested over the years, to give you a first-hand feel of the Italian culture and lifestyle.


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